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Involvement currently hosts a community of five brands

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As 2021 came around we had to decide where to go next. We are ambitious and we knew it was no time to take our foot off the pedal. The next phase of our evolution is to focus heavily on the diversification of our products and services. We no longer wanted to be just a Packaging Distributor.

But how would that fit with our Values? Did we ignore them and throw out everything that had held us in good stead? 

No, we didn’t fall into that trap. In fact, it was keeping hold of our Values, the simple things we believe are important to us, that have helped our diversification strategy to be a success. This has allowed us to set up new businesses outside of our traditional areas of experience. 


Involvement hosts a community of brands across a range of industries. Involvement’s longest-standing brand Invopak, an industrial packaging supplier was set up in 1974 by the father of Arjen. 

In 2012 Invopak’s sister brand Manupak was introduced. Manupak acts as a UK partner for leading packaging manufacturers, typically supplying packaging in larger volumes than Invopak.

2021 marks the start of Involvement’s journey of diversification. Invo Fulfilment was set up to provide pallet storage and distribution, in response to the UK’s demand for this. It makes the most of Involvement’s many years of experience in warehousing and distribution.  

Closely following this, Invo Technology was launched. Involvement embarked upon a partnership with experts in the field to launch Invo Technology. The service was fine-tuned by providing world-class support to Involvement and now many more clients.

In 2022, Invo Design was launched. This makes use of Involvement’s previous design experience, offering packaging design to existing clients and producing material for all of Involvement’s divisions. You’ll notice Involvement’s unique depot design which has been crafted by the Invo Design team.