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Home of the Values Handbook

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Empowerment is critical to achieving great results

"Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand" - Confucius

The Involvement way


Involvement is a community of differing businesses with one common belief. A belief in its People.


People who work with us are valued, supported and empowered. Our People are our true competitive advantage. It’s this belief that inspires our ethos to Make People Better, which ultimately drives our success.


We believe that this approach can be replicated within any business. We have created this website to simply share our learning and empower others to adopt this approach.


To find out more about how we work, and receive useful tools, templates and news, to help develop an engaged and motivated workforce,  join our Business Hub.

A community characterised by its belief in people

People who work with us know for certain that they are valued, supported and empowered to be their very best. So our teams make our companies the absolute best they can be.


This is why we became Employer of the Year in the UK’s business ‘Oscars’ – the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

It is also why we have been showered with national and international awards and commendations for customer service.


“Everyone values each other’s roles. Each individual knows the value they bring to the business.”  – Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

Values Handbook

Home of the Values Handbook

People living our Purpose & Values has created our Performance Culture. This has transformed Involvement from a business that was ticking along, into one that always reaches for the summit.

Every day, we are focused on identifying the things we need to do and the behaviours we need to demonstrate to get better. We have literally written,
and endlessly re-written, the book on how to keep Involvement on top in every imaginable situation, and tackle anything that is thrown at us.

We call it our Values Handbook. We update it every year. Our Values Handbook drives our Performance Culture and by working in this way we have created an amazingly resilient organisation. And we literally can’t put it down.


Our Purpose & Values guide us to create our Performance Culture. The result of this for our customers can be summarised through our three Brand Principles:

Straight Forward


In a complicated world, we like to keep things simple and to be direct in our dealings with people – whether they are our own team members or our clients and partners. Ambiguity is the enemy of good relationships, either business or personal. It’s very important to us that you understand what we say and what we mean.



It’s easy for us to say that you can rely on us one hundred percent. But because trust has to be earned, we’ve worked tirelessly to be externally recognised as a business that lives up to its promises. Our top-class national awards for customer experience and sky-high rated customer reviews say it all so much better than we can.



We strive unashamedly to be the best at whatever we do, and we love to work with clients and partners, and team members, who do and feel the same. Winners attract winners, after all. We go out of our way to understand and support your ambitions so that we can do what’s best for you. Leaving you free to be the best at what you do!